Cheez-It Original Crackers (24 oz., 2 pk.)

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Enjoy a crunchy, cheesy snack with Cheez-It® Original Crackers. These crispy snack crackers are made with 100 percent real cheese and a bold flavor that's pleasing to kids and adults alike.

How are Cheez-Its Made?

Cheez-It Original Crackers have a bold and unique flavor that many people find irresistible. They're made with 100 percent real cheese, which has been carefully aged for a bold flavor. They're also baked, not fried, offering a healthier alternative to many fried snacks.

An Ideal Snack for Many Occasions

These baked snack crackers come in bite-sized square pieces with their signature ridges around the edges and a little hole in the middle. They're ideal for just about any occasion, from lunchtime to party time. Set out a bowl of them with a party spread, pack them in a school or work lunch or grab a box and have a late-night snack.

A True American Classic

Kellogg's® Cheez-It crackers have been a pantry staple since 1921. In almost 100 years, the crackers have been acquired by a few different brands, but the original recipe has never changed. They're so irresistible that in 2002, the brand's slogan became "Get Your Own Box."

Are Cheez-It Crackers a Healthy Snack?

Each 27-piece serving of Cheez-It Original crackers is baked, not fried, and contains 150 calories, zero grams of cholesterol and three grams of protein. They're a healthy alternative to many chips and other crunchy fried snacks on the market. You can feel confident packing these crackers in kids' lunches, snacking on them yourself and sharing them with your family.

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