Braun Clean & Renew Cartridges, 3 pk.

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Use Braun Clean & Renew cartridges to keep your Braun Clean & Charge shaver in tip top shape for a superior shave day after day. Each replaceable cartridge is filled with alcohol-based cleaning fluid. Once a month, replace the cleaning cartridge to remove shaved stubbles and debris from the shaver head. The fluid will automatically lubricate and clean your razor. Includes 3 cartridges.

Product Features:

For use with Braun Clean & Charge shavers (fits 360 Complete, Syncro, Activator and Flex XP)Alcohol-based cleaning fluid leaves shavers free from stubble and debrisFluid automatically lubricates and cleans razorQuick and easy cartridge installationUse 1 cartridge per month to keep your shaver working like newIncludes 3 cartridges
(Model 00069055838150)

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