Buddy Fruits Blended Veggie and Fruit Pouches Variety Pack, 24 ct.

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Buddy Fruit thinks fruits and veggies are pretty perfect as is, so the less they mess around with it the better. With hand selected the produce from family-owned orchards, the puree is made in small batches - to ensure taste and texture are just right. When you start with fruits and veggies that are this naturally good, there's no need to add anything artificial along the way. Buddy Fruits Blended Veggie and Fruit pouches are a great way for all to enjoy healthy and yummy snacks!

Product Features:

12 of the blueberry, sweet potato, and apple flavor and 12 of the peach, carrot, and apple flavor
All natural
Zero grams of added sugars
No preservatives or GMOs
Gluten free
BPA free

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