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These aren't your normal nuts! Using unique handcrafted family recipes, The Carolina Nut Gourmet Holiday Peanut Tower is perfect for gifting. We create gourmet snacks and flavored peanuts that are sure to please every nut lover. The Carolina Nut Co. is family-owned and located in Henderson, North Carolina. We have been creating delicious gourmet nuts and flavored peanuts for over 70 years. We use a two-step, slow roasting proprietary process which gives our nuts their distinguishable small blisters, legendary crunchy texture and rich peanut taste. Uniquely flavored peanuts are our specialty here at The Carolina Nut Company. Our 2021 Gourmet Nut Holiday Tower has three unique and on trend flavors: Jalapeno Cheddar, Buffalo Ranch, Maple Bacon. Our Jalapeno and Cheddar is a bold and cheesy flavor. The Jalapeno gives it just the right amount of heat. Our Maple Bacon peanuts are savory and sweet at the same time giving it a mouthwatering flavor. Our Buffalo Ranch flavor is for anyone who loves the classic buffalo sauce and ranch dressing combination. The ranch flavoring cools down the buffalo heat to a perfect combination. Our Premium-Quality, Uniquely-Flavored peanuts don't just taste GREAT, but are healthy and nutritious as well! Did you know that peanuts have more protein than any other nut and are naturally cholesterol free? Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintenance. Peanuts contain more than thirty essential vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of fiber and a source of good fats. Peanuts give you energy and plant based protein that keep you going all day. Many vegetarians turn to peanuts for their daily source of heart-healthy protein. Not only does our Carolina Nut Gourmet Holiday Peanut Tower make the perfect gift giving item for any occasion they are perfect for parties, get togethers, tailgating, road trips or watching your favorite sports team and movies on television.

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