Duchess Sugar Donuts (3 oz., 12 pk.)

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Duchess Sugar Donuts are a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy. Each of these packs contains several powdered sugar donuts and the packs are individually labeled for resale.

Donuts Made Easy

Donuts are always a popular treat, especially these smaller versions that are easy to eat on the go. These Duchess Donuts packages have all been individually packaged and labeled for resale, making them perfect for use in a convenience store, vending machine or office snack cabinet. The container they come in makes an excellent display box as well, meaning you can just set them on your shelf and go.

How Do Duchess Sugar Donuts Taste?

Each donut is coated with a powdered sugar mixture atop the chewy, satisfying taste of a real cake donut. Best of all? Once you finish your first donut, you still have plenty more to enjoy. A package is great for sharing—or keeping to yourself, if you have a particularly large sweet tooth.

How Many Packs Come in a Box?

Each box comes with 12 packs of donuts. Because they're labeled for resale, you can stock them on your shelves all at once or just a few at a time. Naturally, no one would blame you if you saved a few packs for yourself.

Donuts Anytime

When most people think of donuts, they tend to think of breakfast. However, with Duchess Sugar Donuts, you can easily enjoy the delicious taste of powdered sugar donuts anytime you want. Keep a box at home for a quick snack when you get a sugar craving. Keep some at the office whenever that afternoon lull hits and you need the kind of energy only a quick snack can provide. You can even pack them as part of a school lunch—just be prepared for the other kids to try and trade.

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