Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Plastic Trash Bags - White, 150 ct./13 gal.

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These trash bags are made with less plastic and stretch without breaking to handle everything your throw in it. 

These drawstring trash bags are a perfect combination of durability and environmental friendliness. Not only does the plastic's innovative reinforcing bands help add strength, but it uses less plastic. A yearly equivalent would save up to 6.5 million fewer pounds of plastic and 140 million fewer trash bags in landfills! The 3-layer drawstring closure provides added convenience by making the garbage bags easy to carry and toss away. Each bag measures 13 gallons of space.

Product Features:

Innovative reinforcing bands help add strength
Made with less plastic; A yearly equivalent saves up to 6.5 million fewer pounds of plastic (140 million fewer trash bags) in landfills
3-layer drawstring enclosure make garbage bags easy to carry and toss away
Includes 150 plastic trash bags

(Model 12587-78381)

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