Jacobsens Original Premium Danish Butter Halloween Cookies (3.53 lb. tins, 2 pk.)

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Superior taste – best quality for the holidays

Why is the taste of Jacobsen’s Original Danish Premium Butter Cookies so unique? The ancient Danish baking tradition is now – 90 years later – still the basis for baking the 5 classic signature shapes of all-natural Danish Butter Cookies by the largest original Danish Butter Cookie bakeries – using fresh butter (32% butter content!) and other all-natural ingredients only.

Each fill has its own unique recipe and stays true to the traditional baking craftsmanship that ensures its signature shape and flavor. Jacobsen’s Original Danish Premium Butter Cookies has the highest butter content on the market – 32%, which brings it to a unique level in terms of taste and texture. Product is non-GMO and does not contain any preservatives or artificial colorings. The shelf life of 2 years and the cookies remain crisp and delicious if stored airtight in the tin - once opened.

Attractive collectable tins – ideal for gifting

The 4 lbs. designer tin is also called the “mega tin”. The tin has a diameter of 10.4” and a height of 4.9” and contains a total of 80 paper cups each 3 cookies for easy and hygienic serving – totally 240 delicious cookies – a big and impressive holiday gift.

Where does the beautiful artwork come from? The artwork used for creating the attractive nostalgic designer tins are hand painted by an artist, who has worked for Jacobsen’s for many years – creating many successful designs, which are valued by consumers, and which contributes to the products’ status as an ideal holiday gift. Many consumers also utilize the after-use value of the tin by using it for storing other items after having consumed the contents - or simply for display only.

A Thanksgiving and holiday tradition

Danish Butter Cookies is an extremely popular product in the US and in many other countries around the world, where consumers enjoy the product all year round as well as for the holidays. For a significant number of US consumers, the product is a "must

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