Oral B 3D White Pulsar, 4 ct.

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Strike the perfect balance between a regular and manual toothbrush and a power toothbrush when you brush daily with Oral-B 3D White Pulsar toothbrush. Battery operated, the 3D White Pulsar uses the vibration of the brush head to break up plaque and penetrate deeper between teeth than a regular manual toothbrush. Use it regularly to remove surface stains to reveal a whiter smile. Plus, the unique brush head design, featuring micro-pulsating bristles, actually contours to your teeth's unique shape. Moderate pressure and gentle on tooth enamel, the 3D White Pulsar is an upgrade in your daily brushing routine.

Product Features:

Vibrating brush head cleans plaque and removes surface stains to whiten teethPenetrates between teeth to sweep away plaque and stains caused by foodsBattery-operated with battery includedAdjusts to the contours of your teethModerates the pressure applied to your teeth and gumsGentle on enamel for everyday useAvailable in either medium or softIncludes Oral B 3D White Pulsar, 4 Count
(Model 3-00416-69371-2)

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