Always Regular Thin Unscented Pantiliners, 240 ct.

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Product Description

These pantiliners are thin and comfortable enough to wear for light protection or as a backup with tampons. Designed with breathable layers, the pantiliners help keep moisture away. Stay-in-place adhesive helps prevent the pantiliners from shifting, providing reliable protection.

Product Features

  • Ideal for everyday use and for tampon backup
  • The tiny size is easy to tuck into a bag or pocket
  • A breathable Odor Lock Layer helps keep odor away without perfumes or deodorants
  • Adhesive helps keep it in place all day long
  • Includes 240 pantiliners

  • Discover Always Thin Daily Liners
    Always Thin Daily Liners keep you fresh all day long

    Thin and absorbent

    Thin and absorbent

    Always Thin pantiliners are incredibly thin and comfortable, designed to feel like fresh underwear so you can wear them every day.
    Breathable layer

    Breathable layer

    Breathable layer to help keep you dry and feeling fresh, for comfortable daily protection.
    Stays in place

    Stays in place

    Edge-2-Edge adhesive helps keep the pantiliner in position all day long.
    Fresh all day, every day

    Always Thin Daily Liners have a breathable layer that helps keep you dry

    Frequently asked questions
    What can I use liners for?
    Pantiliners protect against daily discharge, perspiration, and odors, but can also be used as tampon backup, to prevent spotting from irregular menstrual cycles, or on light days. Always Daily Liners can also be useful when you have light bladder leaks.

    How often should I change my liner?
    It's best to change your daily liner every four hours to help you feel shower fresh, confident, and clean all day.

    How will I know if my liner needs to be changed?
    Check regularly when you go to the bathroom. If you sense signs of wetness or feel any heaviness in your panties, then it might be time to change your liner.

    Product Specification

    Estimated Delivery 3-5 Business Days
    In-Club Style Number 667337
    Item Type Liners
    Type Pantiliners
    UPC 037000196556
    Pack Quantity 240 Count
    Size Regular
    Count 24

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