Protective Shampoo Cap for Babies and Toddlers - Keep Water Out of Their Ears!

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Why use a shampoo cap?

Are you nervous about the soapy water flowing into your child’s eyes and ears during the bath?

1.When water enters the baby's ear, it can cause infection and inflammation.

2.Foam enters the eye,Will increase the risk of eye diseases

3.Sewage flows into the mouth,Baby will cry and resist bathing

Baby shower caps are perfect for preventing water from splashing into your child's face.

This product allows children to wash their hair and not cry, let the children wash their hair into a pleasure,Kids will enjoy the bath time,baby shower cap enhance parent child relationship.The Shampoo Baby Cap,Awesome Gift For Your Little One!

There is no age restriction!

the visor can fit anyone up to any age! Because the inner ring is made of silicone material, it has good elasticity and can adapt to people of different ages.

Ideal Use

When the baby is shampooing, the shampoo cap prevents water and foam from flowing into the baby's eyes and ears,make the shampoo a funny experience for the kids, Really let children take shampooing as a pleasure

Waterproof effect

All head circumference parts are made of silica gel, elastic, soft and comfortable, and waterproof effect is super.

Can adjust the tightness

This product adopts Velcro adhesive design, easy to adjust, and can adjust comfort at any time during use. (Recommended: wear tighter when worn to better waterproof effect)

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