Halloween Starburst & Skittles Chewy Candy Assorted Bulk Variety Pack (255 ct., 6.5lbs)

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Longing for the bold fruit flavors of the SKITTLES Candy rainbow? Can't get enough of the unexplainably juicy flavors of STARBURST Fruit Chews? Stock up on everyone's favorite colorful and fruity candies with this 255-piece SKITTLES and STARBURST Candy Variety Bag. This assorted candy mix features SKITTLES Original, SKITTLES Wild Berry, STARBURST Original, and STARBURST FaveReds Candies. These Fun Size SKITTLES and STARBURST Candies are individually wrapped, so they are great for party favors, piñata candy or crafts. 
Make any celebration more delicious with SKITTLES and STARBURST fruity and chewy candy. Bulk individually wrapped Fun Size candy is a pantry staple. Please the fruity candy lovers in your life with a variety of bite-sized SKITTLES and STARBURST candy. They'll never have to choose between all their chewy candy favorites with 225 pieces of individually wrapped SKITTLES Original, SKITTLES Wild Berry, STARBURST Original and STARBURST FaveReds candy. SKITTLES bulk candy make perfect afternoon treats.
Fun Size STARURST candy are a juicy lunchtime surprise. Fill candy bowls and jars with fruity, chewy bulk candy. Individually wrapped packs allow easier portion control when enjoying this mix of fun flavors. Always have plenty of STARBURST and SKITTLES bite-sized candy on hand for a fruity pick-me-up anytime.

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