Sugar In The Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar, 6 lbs.

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Made in USA Sugar In The Raw Turbinado Sugar is made using 100% natural pure cane sugar. The natural molasses remaining in the crystals produces a distinctive taste, pleasing texture and natural golden color. Sugar In The Raw contains the same degree of sweetness as ordinary refined sugar, but its hearty natural flavor remains untouched. Use it to enhance the flavor of fruit, complement a cup of coffee or sweeten a bowl of cereal. Try Sugar In The Raw for cooking and baking, and savor the delicious old-fashioned taste.

Product Features:

Reclosable bag keeps sugar fresh
6-lb. "baker's bag" is perfect for cooking
Includes 6 lbs. of sugar

(Model 50312)

Product Warnings and Restrictions:

Made in a bakery that may contain milk and tree nuts.

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