Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil 6.8 fl oz + 2x Deep Conditioning Body Lotion 20.3 fl oz (Total 47.1 fl oz)

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Rosacea and Acne are the most common skin conditions in America. Both of them need a delicate yet powerful treatment - a perfect combination of hydration, gentle nourishing, and anti inflammatory effect.

Dr. Wade's Organics contain pure natural ingredients, dedicated to enhance the skin inside and out. Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Tamanu Oil will help restore skin's protective barrier, remove redness and swelling, and calm irritation. Apply to the clear skin three times a day to achieve quickest results.

Using Dr. Wade's tincture daily will provide you with several health benefits:
⚕️ Rosacea relief
⚕️ Acne elimination
⚕️ Redness ease
⚕️ Irritation relief
⚕️ Skin health support

⚕️ 100% NATURAL

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  • ROSACEA & ACNE REMOVER - To successfully relieve acne and rosacea, you need professional treatment. Dr. Wade's Organics serum is a result of powerful synergy between years proven ingredients and modern science. The liquid formula provides quicker absorption than any acne creams ensuring fast visible results.
  • EFFECTIVE ACNE CLEANSER - The pimples are caused by excessive sebum production. When the oil builds up, dead skin cells clump together into a plug that can easily become infected and swollen. Tea Tree & Tamanu Oils in our serum reduce the amount of sebum removing inflamed acne.
  • POTENT ROSACEA MOISTURIZER - This chronic condition affects more than 16 million Americans. Among different types of treatment, the topical one can be considered the most useful one. Dr. Wade's formula contains Niacinamide & Vitamin E that will reduce redness, moisturize skin, and ease rosacea symptoms.
  • PERFECTING FACIAL SERUM - Hydration is the Key to healthy skin. To support the optimal moisture level, we added the Hyaluronic Acid into our serum. It will help to deeply hydrate the skin, reduce swelling and irritation, and enhance its overall appearance. It will also build a protective barrier against pollution and UV radiation.
  • AMERICAN FINEST BRAND - Each Dr. Wade's Organics product is a perfect example of the highest quality healthcare supplement. Our tinctures are Made in USA by the FDA & GMP compliant facility, and 3rd-Party tested. If you have questions about our products - please, contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

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